Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become a very popular procedure in recent years as people have focused more on the aesthetic appeal of whiter teeth and a brighter smile. There are numerous whitening products on the market today, including ones found in supermarkets, pharmacies, online stores, social media, and of course dental clinics. The key difference in these products is the concentration of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (active ingredients for teeth whitening). These ingredients produce an oxidation reaction to remove stains embedded within the layers of the teeth resulting in a whiter shade. Whitening products sold in pharmacies and supermarkets typically contain 1-2% hydrogen peroxide and those sold online may not have any at all thus the scientific evidence behind their efficacy is poor. The whitening products used by dentists can contain up to 40% hydrogen peroxide! With the higher concentrations come with increased risk of sensitivity and chemical burns to the gums and lips thus products containing high levels of hydrogen peroxide are used exclusively by dental professionals and are typically not sold elsewhere. These teeth whitening products and procedures do work and are safe but must be used carefully and appropriately.

Whitening Products & Options

There are multiple ways to whiten teeth, each with its own pros and cons. We offer 5 different solutions to suit all occasions and most age groups (children under 15 are not suitable for whitening). Find refer to the table below:

Whitening Option
Cost of Treatment
Take-home kit with custom trays (Small)
  • Cost effective
  • Do it at your own pace
  • As little as 15 mins a day
  • Start/stop at any time
  • Minimal sensitivity
  • Only 15 mins needed at the dental office
  • More time needed to see results
  • Needs to be done daily for days/weeks at a time
  • Self-application – need to be careful
Take-home kit with custom trays (Large)
Same as above
Same as above
In-chair (without light activation)
  • Fast results in under 60 mins
  • Single visit
  • Entire procedure done by trained professional
  • Minimal risk of chemical burns
  • Sensitivity risk
  • May need multiple treatments to achieve desired colour
  • Cost > take-home
In-chair (with light activation)
  • Further activates whitening gel to achieve better results
  • Cost increase
  • Longer treatment time of 90 mins
Combined in-chair & take-home kit
  • Best possible results
  • Treatment time
  • Most expensive
$800 - 1100

How Long Will It Last?

A very common question is how long the whitening results will last after treatment however this is very difficult to answer accurately. Reason is the discolouration of teeth usually come from external factors such as staining foods and drinks or smoking thus it depends on the quantity and frequency of these factors. It also depends on how “white” a person’s teeth is and how white they want to maintain them. Some individuals only have their teeth whitened every 5 years, others may have it done every 12 months or a little “top-up” every 3-6 months at home with their home whitening kits.

What Next?

Give us a call or book an appointment online to arrange a visit! We always recommend a dental check-up (and cleaning if needed) before commencing any teeth whitening treatments in case of any unforeseen dental issues.