What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable plates that replace some (partial) or all (full) teeth.

The design of a denture will depend on how many teeth and which teeth are missing as well as the oral environment.

Dentures can be a very good solution to missing teeth and can be a long term solution or as a temporary whilst more definitive fixed solutions are in progress.



  • Acrylic partial dentures are essentially plastic which sometimes require additional stainless steel clasps to keep the denture in place
  • Full dentures are always acrylic, this is to make use of the palatal suction which helps keep the full denture in place
  • Acrylic dentures are easy to repair or add to and are lighter than the metal dentures

Cobolt Chrome

  • Partial dentures can also be made from Cobolt chrome, a compound metal that is durable and easy to keep clean. The cobolt chrome forms the frame of the denture and gum and tooth coloured acrylic is moulded onto the frame to replace the teeth
  • Chrome dentures are thinner and can be more comfortable compared to acrylic dentures however they do rely on support from the adjacent teeth

Depending on the situation, one type of denture may be better suited than the other. A thorough examination is required to ensure an appropriate denture is made for the best outcome

The oral environment is dynamic and teeth, bone and gums change over time. Dentures sometimes require adjustment to ensure a continued good fit. Regular checks and maintenance of full or partial dentures are vital to check fit, retention, stability as well as the health of your remaining teeth and or gums and bones.

The team at Queen Street Dental endeavour to provide tailored dental care and will design and help maintain a denture that is best suited to your needs.

Before and After


Old acrylic denture
Worn down and stained
Prone to Fracturing
Bulky - covers most of palate


New chrome denture
New teeth - shade matched to natural teeth
Firm fitting
More Durable and hygienic
Smaller, slimmer - covers less palate