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Acid Wear - Dental Erosion

Dissolving teeth

Acid wear is fast becoming a very big concern in dentistry.

Like anything else in nature, teeth are susceptible to their environment. Ever heard that Cola can dissolve a tooth? Well the truth is there is a lot more than Cola or any other carbonated drinks that can damage teeth.

What is acid wear?

Acid wear is a type of erosion. The acid causes the tooth structure to demineralise. This essentially means that the tooth is dissolving. Acid wear is a chronic issue, meaning it occurs over an extended period of time and repeated exposure causes loss of tooth structure.

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X-Rays and Radiation

what are they and why do we do them?

What are X-rays?

X-rays (radiographs) are commonly used during dental procedures. It is an image created by electromagnetic waves of energy passing through an object (like a tooth) and reaching the receiving material (film). This results in an image of a structure and allows us to view the internal composition of the object to a certain degree.

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Cracked Teeth!

the possible consequences of amalgam

Amalgam used to be the material of choice for fillings. Though they can last a long time and are hard wearing, they put a great deal of stress on the surrounding tooth structure.

  • Amalgam is metallic, with every bite, the force from above causes the metal to warp slightly
  • This force is transferred to the walls of the tooth around the filling
  • Over time cracks can form in the tooth - this is from 'Chronic Fatigue'
  • Treatment options vary depending on where and how a tooth cracks

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Child Dental Benefits Schedule

New Medicare Scedule

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Child Dental Benefit Schedule

What is it?

The Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS) is a Medicare Scheme that has been introduced January 2014 to replace the Teen Dental Vouchers.

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I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

For those pearly white smiles because a brighter smile is a brighter you!

It’s the end of the year. You gather with your family and friends. You eat, drink and laugh. And you want to herald in the New Year with a nice bright white smile.

Bleaching is a hot topic at the moment. For those of you who want the Hollywood smile, to those who just want to brighten up their smile and boost your confidence.

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