I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

For those pearly white smiles because a brighter smile is a brighter you!

It’s the end of the year. You gather with your family and friends. You eat, drink and laugh. And you want to herald in the New Year with a nice bright white smile.

Bleaching is a hot topic at the moment. For those of you who want the Hollywood smile, to those who just want to brighten up their smile and boost your confidence.


The concept of teeth whitening has been around for centuries, ranging from the use of vinegar to metal files and nitric acid! Fortunately in the 1980’s dentists discovered that the use of hydrogen peroxide, which was used for treating certain gum conditions, caused whitening of teeth. And from that discovery developed the bleaching systems we have today.

What are the options?

Whitening Toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes (available in just about every toothpaste brand that exists) are more abrasive than your usual toothpaste.

Pros: Can help reduce the formation of stains

Cons: Does not whiten tooth structure, does not always remove stains


“Active” Whitening Toothpastes The most recent whitening toothpaste – Colgate Optic White differs from the typical whitening toothpastes in that it contains a low percentage (1%) of hydrogen peroxide.Pros: Can be used long term to achieve and maintain low level of whiteningCons: Limited in how white it can make your teeth

Whitening GelsAt home bleaching, these gels are various percentages of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and are applied to the teeth surfaces inside a tray.Some chemists sell whitening trays but it always recommended to have a custom fit tray made by a dentist to ensure a good fit. This ensures an even spread of the gel, reduces excess of gel (more cost effective) and reduces the risk of causing gum irritation.Queen Street Dental offers Opalescence PF (by Ultradent) tooth whitening system. This particular system of tooth bleaching contains ingredients that help reduce sensitivity and protect the tooth structure.Pros: Gradual bleaching, very effective, even spread, re-usable trays, at home application, controlled degree of bleachingCons: Can cause some sensitivity (usually only first few days)


Laser WhiteningIn chair laser whitening should only be performed by a trained professional. It involves isolating your teeth to protect your gums, applying a bleaching agent onto the enamel of your teeth and activating it with a bright light.At Queen Street Dental we offer ZOOM! (by Philips), one of the leading brands in laser tooth whitening, it is a well-established and highly trusted product with proven results.Pros: Fast results in less than 2 hours, long lasting results up to 2+ years, maximum whitening potentialCons: Can cause sensitivity during and after treatment (up to 2-3 days)

Before bleaching, a full examination is strongly recommended:

  • to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy
  • to determine the cause of the staining
  • to check fillings/restorative work is sound or if they need to be replace – fillings, crowns, veneers are not affected by bleach and can sometimes stand out more following whitening treatment
  • to make sure bleaching is the right and best solution for you

A clean is recommended before any whitening treatment – this removes all surface stains and optimises the effectiveness of the whitening treatment

For more information check out the Australian Dental Association’s (ADA) website on teeth whitening at:

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